What’s in our LEGO collection?

We have some space in our house where we display most of our LEGO sets such that they don’t get lost in the mass of toys and games our son has collected but also so they can easily be accessed when their turn for playtime comes around. Looking at the collection, there are a few themes that stand out (Star Wars, LEGO City and Scooby-Doo) and a few individual sets that remain favorites (the 2012 Batcave and Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle).

For some time, this collection was nothing but a big pile of bricks, as sets would rarely stay together for more than a week and we didn’t have a good system for keeping our LEGO organized. We did keep all of the instruction books in a common drawer, thankfully.

When our love for LEGO was triggered (combination of building the Batcave where Bruce Wayne magically transforms into Batman and playtime with the Spider-man / Doc Oc Bank Heist), we happily re-built all of our sets and enjoyed seeing the collection in its full glory (available to view virtually on Brickset).

Looking at the Brickset data, we own 91 sets and 224 minifigures across 16 themes. Star Wars and LEGO City dominate, but there have been very few busts in the lot. We’ll do a few videos and/or posts of our favorites at some point. The LEGO community seems to be big on sharing.

What’s in your collection?

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