Episode 1 – LEGO 76069 – DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros Batman vs Killer Moth

For our first few episodes, we’re going to review smaller sets in order to get our bearings. Hopefully we’ll improve with experience and get a feel for the type of content we want to include in our reviews and adjust to any feedback we receive. Thanks in advance for enduring our growing pains!

The DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Micros Batman vs Killer Moth is the second Mighty Micros set in our collection and delivers in every way. The minifigures exude the playfulness we expect from this series and are loaded with little details that make them just about perfect. The Killer Moth’s vehicle (we call it the “Stinger Car”) outshines the Batman’s Batcopter, both in design and function as Killer Moth fits perfectly into the vehicle even with his wings and blaster.

This set has inspired us to take another look at the Mighty Micros series. Our first set, Captain America vs. Red Skull, didn’t capture our attention like we had hoped when the series was announced. Guess we’ll be looking a little closer at the options when we return to the store for our next LEGO purchase.

Let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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