Growing up with LEGO

LEGO posted an article on their Facebook page a couple of days ago about how a 4-year old increasingly experiences the world in richer ways with each passing day. They highlighted four ideas:

  • They see the world in 3D
  • They can tell a whole story 
  • They are constantly comparing things 
  • They are very social

Having recently passed through this stage with Lucas, these are definitely key reasons why LEGO became our favorite toy. Lucas loved learning the different shapes of LEGO bricks (our names for them include 2-bar, 4-bar, 4 by 4 plate, grabber, etc.). He loved knowing how the set fit into a larger world like Ninjago or Star Wars. He was amazing at picking out pieces and following the step-by-step directions. And most of all, we both loved talking about the set and how – from a single piece – a larger form would emerge and then become a toy for playtime where we would use our imaginations to tell stories of our own. 

Whether you’re 4 or 40, LEGO are a great way to pass a few hours with family and friends.

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