When our son Lucas was born in 2010, playtime and toys quickly filled our house with the sounds of laughter and joy and reminded us how great it is to be a kid. As Lucas graduated from his baby toys and into the toys of a toddler and child, we began to explore construction toys through hand-me-down Mega Bloks and LEGO Duplo sets. It wasn’t until we built our first LEGO Juniors set in 2013, however, that were hooked.

Having only played with LEGO sparingly as a kid, I thought of LEGO as buildable toys that offered limited playability once built. With that first set and the many dozens that have followed, I now know that couldn’t be further from the truth.

LEGO sets offer a unique experience unlike any other toy. The building process teaches us how various shapes and colors can come together in unexpected ways to create an object with often surprising details that bring playtime to life. Playing with LEGO toys is easy and fun, like any great toy hopes to be. There may be a few stray bricks along the way, but re-building or building something of your own is yet another facet of what makes LEGO our favorite toy.

As we became bigger and bigger fans of LEGO, we eventually discovered the LEGO community online through Instagram and YouTube. The ability to discover LEGO sets both new and old is now a daily routine and we’ve especially loved the content provided by JANGBRiCKS, the Brick Show, and All New Bricks. Not to mention the many others we’ve enjoyed in our moments of downtime.

As such, we’ve increasingly become inspired to do our own show of reviews to demonstrate our fandom. We won’t be the most informed or most detailed reviewers in the bunch, but we hope our passion for LEGO shines through.